How to Blend Colors and Paint in Photoshop


You can digitally paint not just in Corel Painter but in Adobe Photoshop as well. Some people do amazing work painting in Photoshop. Here is a very basic video on the mechanics of actually blending from color A to color B using a Wacom tablet.

This is not necessarily the best way to work, and I am far from the best, most skilled painter, but this is how I work. Your feedback and improvements are welcome.

Topics in this clip include smudging, Gaussian blur, Wacom pen-pressure opacity, and color blending, but not color theory or color mixing, or speedpainting / art instruction -- that's beyond the scope of this.

I think that annoying skipping in the video is from the interaction between CS4 and my screencasting software. I need to investigate further.


Just wondering what screencapture/video recording software you use to record your tutorials?

Cheers, Mike

I used CamStudio, which worked fine until I upgraded Photoshop to CS4. Then it started skipping and acting weird.

Photoshop CS4 uses the graphics card in ways the previous versions did not.

I'm looking at Total Screen Recorder now, among others.

Thank you so much for the tutorial! The gaussian blur really helps my work. :)

Great job man. I have been looking for a tutorial like this forever. I now, within just a few minutes, have the starting of a firm grasp on color blender. Great job and thank you, very much.

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