Simulating Voronoi Diagrams with Photoshop Lighten Blend Mode


If random points on a plane are post offices, then Voronoi Diagrams divide the plane into the most efficient zip codes.

I found a Voronoi diagram on the internet. I duplicate its calculation here using Photoshop's 'Lighten' blend mode and some radial grads.


Voronoi Diagram by Paul Herron

UPDATE 9/16/2009

How to: Draw the Voronoi Diagram

UPDATE 9/27/2009

Visualizing the Distance to the Nearest McDonalds Restaurants

Weather Sealed: Where the Buffalo Roam

UPDATE 10/6/2009

This Voronoi Diagram traveling matte effect is pretty cool.


They also look a lot like bubble formations - with the radial gradients you almost get a 3D bubble effect...

The difference blend mode is really odd. They act like rubbery egg yolks when you pass them by each other. awesome.

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