Image Stack Fun (Photoshop Extended)


I noticed that every time you apply certain filters to an image they run differently each time. I thought it might be fun to check out the image stacking in Photoshop's new 'extended' versions.

I chose coarse settings for the pixelate > crystallize filter - course enough to disguise the photo. Below is a stack of 8 such images averaged together. The more you use, the less the filter disguises the original.


Here is a (tedious) method for stacking images without the extended version of Photoshop

High ISO Noise Reduction by Image Averaging

I was playing around with this. For image averaging you don't actually need Photoshop Extended. You can do it in any version of Photoshop that supports 32-bits:

Stack the images in layers. Use the LINEAR DODGE (ADD) blend mode to sum all the layers. You will blow out the image way past white. No worries. Kick into 32-bit mode and dim the sum (no pun intended :D ) back into a usable range. For a true average, dim it by a factor of (1 / N layers)


Nice tip. Pity it won't work for me: PSCS4 (not extended) will *not* do layers in 32bpc. At least, not on my Mac.

Also: *very* slow workflow.
Here's a way to quicken it: Cmd (Ctrl)+J = Jump layer. Copies the current layer to a new one.

Select background.
Press Cmd+J.
Press Shift+Alt+W to set the blend mode to "Lineair Dodge"
Press Cmd+J 14 times.

Select the filter you want. Press OK.

Press Alt+[ to highlight the layer below.
Press Cmd+F to run the filter again.
Repeat the last two steps ;)

Rene -

Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure it's the same, though.

Do you have 14 similar but different layers, as I do? Or do you have the same layer 14 times?

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