Maxwell Renderer Initial Testing



I plan to devote a lot of energy to making art pieces that combine figure photography from my new Nikon D200 with virtual backgrounds produced in the new Maxwell Renderer.

Here's a sneak peek at where this is all going.


The surface treatments of the virtual objects will be as real as I can make them. I think the Maxwell Renderer, with its complex surface shader capabilities and subtle light transport algorithms, will be the best path to photorealistic CG in need to really make these projects work.


Part of the charm of the work I'm doing is the attention I plan to devote to modelling mundane details. It's almost a joke within a joke - misalignened trim, missing screws, loose nails, halfway-hidden electrical cords - seemingly cheap and haphazard construction meticulously modelled that way on purpose in CG.


I want the viewer to believe I constructed the sets not in CG, but after a trip to a hardware supply store. These images are going to be dramatic, kitschy, theatrical and fun.


Stay tuned. More to come as it develops.



UPDATE 6/9/2007

Now that Maxwell v1.5 has been released I have returned to this project in earnest.


I used ArtRage 2.2 to simulate the paint. I want it to look like a set piece from a burlesque show or a carnival.




Very cool project and awesome website. Can't wait to see where this concept goes.

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