I'm experimenting with the new Topaz Impression Photoshop plugin. Normally what that software does is turn photos into paintings or line drawings. In this example I am using it to make a Maxwell Render displacement map. I'm starting with a simple blurry circle and running it through Topaz Impression in order to make this painterly texture of overlapping brush strokes which in turn makes a very convincing layered, flaking hole.


Topaz Labs Topaz Impression as a means of making animated motion graphics. Because the GUI sliders more or less of a parameter in a coherent way it's possible to animate the effect.


Topaz Impression to Enhance Simple Textures


Topaz Impression from Topaz Labs is meant to transform photographs into traditional art media, such as oil paint or charcoal drawings. It comes with a repertoire of image processing methods tucked behind a simple and interactive GUI that's easy to play with, so I'm trying to see what kinds of more sophisticated patterns and textures I can create with it by supplying simpler patterns as input. These enhanced patterns could in turn be used as backgrounds, or even 3D CG displacements or material masks. (previously)

Topaz Impression for Typography


Topaz Impression is primarily intended to turn photographs into faux paintings and sketches. Whenever I see programs of this kind I like to think about possible other applications. What would this software do to typography, for example? Or 3D CG texture maps? (previously)







The software parameters seem to 'animate' coherently when the GUI sliders are moved, so it would be possible to produce at least rudimentary motion graphics in which the effect 'evolves.'

Pretty Little Shoppers


Some photography for actress and style blogger Lisa Valerie Morgan at Pretty Little Shoppers.

Keeping Cool at the Los Angeles Farmers Market

eShakti Pagoda Print dress c/o.  Just Fab bag.  Steve Madden sandals.  BaubleBar earrings.

Design based on Pulsar PSR B1919+21


Some motion graphics I made based on a graph of radio emissions from pulsar  PSR B1919+21. You might be reminded of the the cover of Joy Division's debut album, Unknown Pleasures. Designer Peter Saville and the band got their inspiration from the same source.


Alien Skin Exposure 5 (Exposure 6 is coming soon) makes a nice way to enhance the look of drawings and paintings. I like the color grading choices, as well as the paper and border textures. These are virtual liths and cyanotypes applied to some quick anatomical sketches I did.



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